Forestier Sellier


Maison Forestier offers its know-how in order to create custom made saddles for each discipline (dressage, jumping, cross-country). Thanks to our team's expertise, our saddles are fitted for the comfort of horse and rider with unmatched quality and durability. Our fitting experts travel by appointment to meet you and design the perfect saddle for both you and your horse.

Owning a custom Forestier saddle means giving your horse optimum comfort

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The Maison Forestier brand gives riders the possibility to equip their horses with high quality materials that are also durable and affordable.
If you are an equestrian center that wants to use equipement designed for the comfort and longevity, then the Club saddle is made just for you.
If you are a riding enthousiast or amateur, dreaming of finally have your own saddle with excellent quality at an affordable price, then the Prem's saddle is made just for you!

Owning a Training Forestier saddle allows you the possibility to evolve in your riding with a saddle made of quality materials at an affordable price