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Discover the portraits of the Forestier team

Margo Heaslip

Saddle Expert Specialist

"Before coming to work for Forestier, I had just finished my degree in Marketing to couple with my degree and background in Photography. I spent most of my spare time furthering my education in all different areas of equine sport therapy and training methods particularly relating to Dressage. The more I worked at this the more important it became to me to be professionally involved in the sport.

Why Forestier? Forestier provides me the ability to be proud of what I do, to provide an amazing product, and to really be on the forefront of saddle innovation."

James Daniel Conner

Saddle Expert Specialist

Born and raised in "The Horse Capital of the World" in his beloved home state of Kentucky, James Daniel began his love affair with horses at an early age. Since graduating from college he has spent the past decade fully immersed within the equine industry. Before joining Forestier he was a full time competitor training under four of the top US High Performance Three Day Eventing Team Riders where he reached the CCI** level. 

For James Daniel Forestier has offered him the fortunate opportunity to continue to be a driving force among top equine professionals by outfitting them and their horses in tack and equipment that will help achieve optimum performance.