Nicolas Touzaint

International Event Rider

Nicolas comes from a family of horsemen: his father, Jean-Yves Touzaint and his uncle, Thierry Touzaint have distinguished themselves at some of the most elite competitions in the world. However, Nicolas did not begin to take an interest in horses until the age of 10, at which time he began learning to ride on a pony named Buck. It was with Buck that he overcame his initial apprehension and won his first competitions.

Nicolas won several medals at the Junior European Championships in 1996, 1997 and 1998. He became the youngest individual European Champion ever in 2003, a title he won a second time in 2007. He has participated in 5 Olympic Games, and won the Olympic Team Gold Medal at the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

Nicolas earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Management in 1998. Afterwards he became an employee of his parents’ company as a rider. In 2015 he took over the management of the family business.

For 2018, Nicolas' goals include:

- World Equestrian Games with Debby, a 10-year-old mare

- Compete at the Three-Star level with Vendée Globe Jac HDC, Eboli and Absolut Gold HDC

Main Results

- Junior European Championships medalist in 1996, 1997 and 1998

- 6-time winner of the Lion d'Angers World Cup (6- and 7-years-old)

- 5 Olympic Games including winning the title of Team Gold Medal at the 2004 Olympics in Athens

- Individual European Champion in 2003 and 2007

- Winner of Badminton CCI4* in 2008

- Winner of Pau CCI4* in 2007

Three values

"Humility, simplicity, generosity"

Why Forestier?

"Forestier is a beautiful French brand. I had a great conversation with Brice Goguet, the president of Maison Forestier, and I am proud to be one of the first Olympic riders to wear his colors. It is great to take a wonderful brand that was forgotten be put back in the limelight."

Aurélien Leroy

International Event Rider

Aurélien started riding at the age of 13 in the pony jumper ring, and eventually progressed up to the Grand Prix Pony level. At the age of 15, he decided to switch to Eventing and went on to take part in his first European Championships where he finished 10th.

The following year, he decided to leave for three months to work for Pippa Funnell in Great Britain where he gained a lot of experience. He continued on from there to work for two years at the French Riding School of Saumur.

After his graduation, he moved to the Ecuries de Corbière and participated in his 2nd European Championships at Blair Castle where he finished 15th. The following year, he competed in the 7-year-old World Championships with Rhexia de Petra, his leading mare at the time. He then went on to complete the High Level Concours up to the CCI3* and the 145 in show jumping.

Main Results

- 4 International victories in 2016

- Top placings with 3 different horses in CCI3*s in 2017

- 4 horses qualified for the Final Pompadour Young Horses in full. And 4 qualified horses in the Finals Jeunes Chevaux de Fontainebleau CSO.

- 9th at the Saumur CCI3* with BoyJoyce Chavannais

- 6th at Bramham CCI3* with Seashore Spring in 2017

- 12th Boekelo CCI3* with Seashore Spring in 2017

Why Forestier?

"Products that combine comfort and aesthetics, combined with very good service from Team Forestier."

Alexis Goury

International Event Rider

Alexis started riding at the Val Kalypso Equestrian Center, and remained there until he was 18 years old. It is there that he will make his debut with Trompe l'Oeil, his current top horse.

He entered Saumur in 2014 for initial training (BP / DE / DESJEPS) and then moved to the France Pole in Saumur in 2016.

His short-term goals are to run a CCI4* by the end of next year, win the World Under-25 Championships in Bramham, and bring his Vidocq horse to the CCI3* level.

In the long run, Alexis is aiming for the Senior Championships.

Main Results

- Reserve Champion at the  French Young Riders Championships in 2016

- European Champion with the Young Riders Team in 2016

- Bronze medalist at the 2017 European Young Riders Championships

- Winner of the Montelibretti CIC3* in 2017

- 9th at 2017 Bramham Under-25 World Championships

- 3rd at Boeckelo CCIO3 *in 2017

Why Forestier?

"I chose Forestier because the revival of the brand is attractive to me. It's very exciting and it's a project that suits me well. The ambition of the brand is similar to mine, and I like a lot of that! The quality of the saddles is remarkable and I am very happy to be able to wear the colors of this brand. The team is really great as well and I think we will have great moments together!"

François Pons

International Event Rider

François Pons is a top level event rider ranked  45th nationally located in our beloved Southwest of France. After two years at the Pôle France Jeune in Saumur and one year at Olympic rider Tim Lips facility, François joined the Forestier team with the ambitious goal of running the World Championships Under 25 in 2017 at Bramham. He and the entire Forestier team are involved in the development of the new Forestier cross-country saddle.

Main Results

- 5th place at the CCI3* du Pin

- 2nd place at the Massbergen CIC2* (NED)

- 10th place at the Renswoude CIC3* (NED)

- 3rd place at the Strezgom CCI2* (POL)

- 6th place at the Jardy CIC3*

Marie Demonte

International Show Jumping Rider

Marie has been riding since she was a little girl, as there were always horses at her home. She started competing at age 5 and has always felt the adrenaline that makes her pursue her dreams.

She rode her family’s home breds and her first Grand Prix mare, Hija de Montagne, won her several Grand Prix 145 and 150 by the age of 20. Since then, Marie has always had a horse to be able to jump the Grand Prix 145 or 150 classes.

Marie soon began competing with Pidam de Paban with whom she was crowned French Champion in 2012 and won several Nations Cups. The same year, she won the 7-year-old French Championship with Rhune d'Euskadi. Rhune then reached the high level (Grand National, CSIO, Pro Elite French Championships, etc) alongside Popof du Luc.

Main Results

- French Rider Champion in 2012 with Pidam de Paban

- Winner of the Porto Allegre Nations Cup in Brazil

- Winner of the 7-year-old Championship with Euskadi Rhune

- 2nd on the Grand National circuit in 2013 (Vctory at Tours, 3rd at Marolles en Brie, and 3rd at Fontainebleau)

- Winner of the small Bratislave CSIO Grand Prix

- 6th at the 2013 Pro Elite French Championship

- 2nd at the Odens Nations Cup in Denmark and 2nd at the Grand Prix in 2014

- Winner of the Lisbon Nations Cup and 8th in the Grand Prix

Three values

"Work. Feeling. Winning."

Why Forestier?

"I immediately felt very comfortable in the saddle. There wasn’t any stress in the leg or the seat, which really sole me! The team is very attentive and is ready to answer any rider’s questions."

Cyril Bouvard

International Show Jumping Rider

Cyril has participated in both National and International events at the Childrens, Juniors and Young Riders levels. In 2006, he was crowned Junior French Champion with Cap de B'Neville. He was selected several times for the French Juniors and Young Riders teams, and in 2008 he earned a Team 4th place at the European Young Riders Championships in Prague.

For his first experience with the French Seniors team in 2011, he was riding Oleander, a mare sourced by his father who allowed him to compete at a very high level. His career was briefly interrupted after two consecutive leg fractures. Once recovered, Cyril was entrusted with Quasi Modo Z, a horse with which he obtained a selection for the French team and good results at the end of 2014 at the Lyon CSI 5*. It was then that he was able to join the high international level by taking part in competitions such as the CSIOs of Drammen, Sopot Manheim or Gijon and winning the Poznan 4* Grand Prix Poznan.

Since the start of Quasi Modo Z Stables at the end of 2015, Cyril has a string of horses allowing him to compete in 2*, 3* and 4* international competitions. His stable includes 25 horses that he has in work with the goal of either advancing them in the competition arena or selling them. The work of his sport horses is done in conjunction with his father’s trotters. He works with his partner to create a family atmosphere, which is essential for him.

Main Results

- Junior French Champion in 2006

- Team 4th place at the 2008 European Young Rider Championships in Prague

- Winner of the Jardy Grand Prix Grand National in 2011

- Team 2nd place at the Sopot Nations Cup(Poland) in 2011

- Team 4th place at the Drammen CSIO3* Nations Cup ( Norway) in 2015

- Team 2nd place at the Sopot CSIO5* Nations Cup (Poland) in 2015

- Winner of the Poznan CSI4* Grand Prix (Poland) in 2015

- Team Champion at  the Gijon CSI5*Nations Cup (Spain)

- 7th at the 2016 Pro Elite French Championship in Fontainebleau

Why Forestier?

"They are saddlers with an excellent reputation known for the quality of its leathers, the solidity of the materials and, of course, the comfort of the saddles. These qualities have been preserved and refined to give the current saddles even more technically efficiency."

Shelby Brost

International Event Rider

We are so proud to have @Shelby Brost on our #ForestierTeam. Shelby is a really accomplished 3* eventer. Her plans for 2018 are to go to the Equestrian Games at Tryon. We wish her the best.

Plan for 2018 : Red Hills 3*, Jersey Fresh 3*, Carolina International 3*, WEG 2018, Pan Am 2019

Main Results

- NAJYRC 1* 3rd (bronze) 2015

- NAJYRC 2* 1st (gold) 2016

- Bromont CCI2* 7th and top placed Canadian

- Plantation 2* 11th

- Ocala Jockey Club 3* 13th

Why Forestier?

"Forestier saddles are a dream. The quality speaks for itself. These saddles are on their own level in regards to quality and comfort. My horses perform at their best with these saddles and I have never ridden in something that had me feeling so balanced and comfortable. Thank you Forestier!"

Waylon Roberts

International Event Rider

Forestier US is proud to announce our partnership with top Canadian Three Day Event Rider Waylon Roberts. Waylon first discovered Forestier several years ago and is so happy to represent this amazing brand full force as they break into the American market. Here he is pictured with the US Manager David Attal this past summer where he was the first rider to sign on during Forestier USA's official launch at the FEI's Nation's Cup at Great Meadows International.

Charlie Tony Campbelle

International Event Rider

Event Rider, Charlie Tony Campbell, has chosen the new Forestier Eventing saddles to further pursue his goals of advancing to the three star level. This year, his new goals look well in reach, with a two star ranking, with an exceptionally promising horse, Shannondale Nimbus

Charlie, why did you choose Forestier ?

« I chose Forestier for a few reasons, but first and foremost for the saddle fit knowledge the reps have. I worked with James Daniel Conner and David Attal in the past and was blown away by how knowledgeable they are about saddle fit and how eager they were to help their riders.

In addition to the fantastic people at the company, I was captivated by the dressage saddle. So many saddle companies geared towards the event community focus only on the jump saddles leaving the riders wanting when it comes to the dressage tack. So when James showed me the Forestier dressage saddle, and how it was truly custom built around the rider I was instantly sold. »

We couldn’t be more proud to have Charlie on our team, and wish him the best in his future season on the Forestier team.